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Key Performance Indicators

FBRN performance indicators along with their purpose are identified and reviewed annually by board as follows:


1.Number of new food banks developed to Enhance regional coverage to serve more needy.


2.Number of added services in existing food banks to meet more social & environmental needs.


3.Number of subsidiary NGOs to engage NGOs in our system to combat hunger in a professional way.


4.Number of volunteers to orient culture towards higher giving attitude & resource saving.


5.Number of cases developed & get out of needy category as per needy criteria to achieve self-sufficiency & reduce number of needy.


6.Number of families fed to combat hunger and ensure that basic human needs are satisfied & rights are met.


7. % of saved food at each step of the supply chain to ensure Environment sustainability through rescuing food waste, reduce energy and water consumption in unnecessary cultivation & saving land.


8.Number of International partners to enhance CSR through sponsoring food banks programs.