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Our Story

The idea of establishing an Arab Network to look after our region with regards to securing food resources had been initially triggered with the following triggers:

  • Hunger map that shows a gap between the current and the minimum desired food security level
  • Success of food bank model in Egypt followed by recommendations of United Nations and FAO to replicate this model in the region.

Sept. 2010 UN Private Sector Forum Commitment On The MDG

“Egyptian Food Bank (Egypt) commits to assist organizations interested in implementing its model and programs in other countries in order to serve the needy”

Oct. 2012 FAO Recommendation

“Promote exchange of knowledge, coordination and dissemination of good practices and in social protection and sensitize governments , private sector and NGOs for their adoption and support success stories , such as the Egyptian Food Bank experience could be presented at

  • Absence of a true capable Network in unifying Arab efforts to reach zero hunger in the region.

In response to the above recommendations, FBRN has been established in 2013, LICENSE NO. 150051 AT, THE INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN CITY DUBAI – UAE, as a nonprofit umbrella organization for food banks established in the region.

FBRN works on regional and international levels to unite and coordinate food and nutrition relief efforts, activating them within a general framework of joint action.