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Launching the Palestine Food Bank

Launching the Palestine Food Bank

On July 2014 the Food Banking Regional Network signed protocol to launch the Palestine Food Bank in order to serve needy people.

The Food Banking Regional Network -based International Humanitarian City in Dubai, UAE signed protocol to support the establishment and launch of food bank, based in the Palestinian city of Ramallah, the State of Palestine and the declaration of its membership to the Food Banking Regional Network. Signed the protocol each of:

Dr / Moez El Shohdi - founding member and chief executive of the Food Banking Regional Network and Mrs. / Suhair Hammouri - President of the Food Bank Palestinian with an ultimate goal of eliminating hunger in the state of Palestine.

Through this agreement different pillars to eradicate hunger will be applied that proved successful in many countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia and are summarized in the following:

- The provision of food to needy people who are unable to work.

- Rehabilitation and training of needy people who are capable to work.

- organizing charity work randomness.

- Launch awareness campaigns “not to waste food”.